Why you should consider a short wedding dress, and 15% off AW Bridal!

March 9, 2023


Short wedding dresses are on the rise in popularity as a great option for brides who want to look stylish and modern on their big day. But there are more reasons than just this to consider going short…

Shorter dresses are more practical

There are many reasons why short wedding dresses are becoming more popular. They’re great for summer weddings, they’re much lighter, cooler and easy to move around in. Some large gowns can be very restrictive when it comes to simple movement, and its so important to think about not only how you’re going to look on your wedding day, but how you want to feel.

Easy to keep clean

As a photographer I LOVE a rainy wedding day, rain clouds just make everything glow and there’s just something extra special abut it. The only tricky thing about navigating a wet day on a wedding is often keeping a long dress try and white, it’s impossible. This is not to put you off having the long dress of your dreams, but considering even having a shorter second dress to change into will make you so much more relaxed when it comes to catching those wet wedding day photos and you’ll be able to party into the night in a dry, clean dress and continue to look a million bucks!

Show off a Killer pair of Shoes

Whether you’re rocking a pair of Jimmy’s or your favourite converse, a short dress means they can be seen! We both know those shoes need to be seen

The perfect Reception/Party dress

After a big day out in the sun wearing a gorgeous gown having a reception dress option is not only practical but a fun, stylish and exciting way to set the mood to party.

You’ll be able to tear up the dance floor without dragging around a train, fussing over busted bussels (it’s not uncommon for these to break) or even the spilt wine on your treasured gown.

Why I love these designs from AW Bridal

If you’re looking for a short wedding dress, you should consider one of these designs by AW Bridal.

AW Bridal has an extensive collection of short wedding dresses that are perfect for your big day. They have a wide selection of styles, lengths and colours so it’s easy to find something that fits your personality perfectly. Whether you want something traditional or modern; simple or detailed; formal or casual–you’ll find it here!

AW Bridal recently sent me the two wedding dresses pictured in this blog to play with for a styled shoot. They custom made the dresses and had them delivered to my door in under a month.

The quality of these dresses was so impressive, the detail and quality far exceeded my expectations and the fit was very true to size (both models pictured are wearing a size 8)

The team have also given me a discount so you can save 15% when using the code AWZ15 at the checkout

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